2019 Champions Program

Program Objectives:

The Champions for Health Promoting Schools is a fully student-funded program dedicated to improving the life chances of children and their families within Antigua/Barbuda, West Indies through physical and health education initiatives that:

  • expand opportunities for students to play leadership roles at school and in the community in which they live
  • relate academic learning to care for self, others, and environments that support growth
  • integrate physical and health education within all aspects of the curriculum
  • build bridges between community health projects and school projects eg. safe communities, environmental protection
  • support for the Antigua/Barbuda, West Indies Ministry of Education, Sports, Youth and Gender Affairs in the Implementation of the UNICEF Child Friendly Schools Initiative

2019 Champions Program:

The 2019 Champions for Health Promoting Schools Program in Antigua, West Indies represents the eighth  year students and faculty from the Kinesiology  and Teacher Education Programs at the  University of the Fraser Valley will be volunteering on the island (14th year of the program). A total of 32 students from UFV will be participating in the four week life skills teaching internship in a total of 12 schools including two highschools. Working side by side with local educators, the students will be promoting  physical and health education in innovative and effective ways to enrich the quality of teaching and learning in classrooms as well as in the field.

Antigua Ministry of Education Collaboration

The students are joined by program leader, Dr. Joanna Sheppard who directly corresponds with the Ministry of Education including the Honourable Dr. Michael Browne, the Director of Education Mr. Brown  and Educational Zone Officers.

School Involvement

Adele School for Disabilities
Victory Centre
Potters Primary
Golden Grove Primary
Jennings Primary
T.N. Kirnon Primary
Pigotts Primary
Villa Primary
Urlings Primary
S.R. Olivia Primary
Mary. E. Piggot Primary

Otters Comprehensive Secondary
Antigua All Girls Secondary

Community Involvement

Students from the University of the Fraser Valley are immersed in teaching and promotion of Life Skills Learning through various unique activities. This  year the UFV team will volunteering at the 8th Annual Sir Reginald Samuel Track and Field Meet, as well as the Antigua Youth Basketball Program.

In Class Teaching

Through physical and health education  classes, over 2500 students are directly exposed to various health dimensions which not only provide information about how students can live a healthy lifestyle but also how their family, friends and other members of the community can follow in these same footsteps. Topics range from physical literacy through movement education and teaching games for understanding, to life skills around cooperation, teamwork, communication, bullying, decision making, hygiene management and nutrition.

Unity Games

Over 2500 students are actively involved in the UFV Unity Games, school run activity days surrounding the 5 dimensions of health (social, physical, intellectual, environmental and emotional well-being). Through child centred games (physical, cognitive and emotional domains), students enhanced their understanding of how to live a healthy life. The Unity Games are attended by principals, teachers, parents and members of the community.

Long Term Directives

  • Support Mr. Rolston Nickeo in the data collection and management of the CFS initiative (Quantitative Data Collection and Qualitative Case Studies)
  • Provide Antigua curriculum based lesson plans and resources to support CFS and Life Skills Development
  • Dedicated work shop and professional development days toward CFS initiative and Life Skills Teaching
  • Provide dedicated undergraduate and teacher candidate student volunteers every year (month of May) to promote the CFS and Life Skills Teaching Initiative

6 thoughts on “2019 Champions Program

  1. Thank you for sharing your first days experience teaching these lively students. I am really enjoying reading all your posts. Very touching.

  2. You are amazing representatives of UFV and teachers from Canada! Soak in this incredible opportunity for learning exchange and safe travels to all.
    Awneet Sivia (TEP Faculty)

  3. Hello Champions!
    Brian Justin here! Just wanted to add a few words to let you know how important your teaching is!
    When you teach children or anyone for that matter how to move and be physically active you groove movement patterns. But even more than that you also:
    – Create “Kin”ship between each child and with you.
    – You “Kin”nect their mind and body.
    – You teach them to “Kin”trol their emotions. “E”motion is energy in motion.
    – And most of all you will make being active “Kin”tagious!
    Isn’t that “Kin”tastic!
    Be proud of the impact you will make. And as Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson (yes I am a fan) says, “Keep Chasing Greatness”.
    You are all awesome! High Fives to all and a Big Hug to my Sis Jo Shep!
    Brian Justin

  4. As a grade 4 teacher here on the island it is my honor and privilege to be able to lend my support in any capacity possible to this group of lovely young people. It is sooo amazing to see them in action. The way the kids get super excited to have them around is truly awesome.
    I am looking forward to many great things from your time here on the island. And I am especially pleased to be taking part and also have had the opportunity to visit Canada for two weeks on a similar journey. It was definitely life changing. Stay true Champs.

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