Selyen Singh

Hi! I’m Selyen and I was a champion in 2018 and 2019. I chose to be a champ due to the stories I heard from alumni and the opportunity to improve my pedagogy practices for coaching basketball in my community.

Along with a transformation in my teaching practices, I am grateful for improvements in my leadership and happiness. Growing up I had a clear identity and purpose but once I got to university I wasn’t as vocal, became more shy, and increasingly stressed with the uncertainty of my future. Throughout my time in Antigua with a little help from the Space Jam theme music, my teaching partners, and my students I was able to find joy and confidence I was lacking. By running around uninhibited every day, pushing through chaotic lessons, acting out crazy animals with kindles, and playing hand games countless times I was able to channel my inner child while soaking in the culture in Antigua and the challenges educators face.

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