Jade Wierks

I got to be a part of the Champions for Health program in 2016 and again as an alumni in 2018. Both years I got to teach at Adele and Victory school, which are both schools that teach children and young adults with disabilities. Throughout my two years with the program, I learned the importance of community, resilience and collaboration to bring the most to the students that we were teaching. One moment that stands out to me the most was during my time in Antigua in 2018, where I got to go sailing with one of my classes. One student shared with me that he was afraid of water and had never been sailing but wanted to try. Together, we were able to face his fear and go sailing and it was a day I will never forget!

Since the Antigua program and my time at UFV, I have been working as a Kinesiologist in geriatric care as well as a physical literacy teacher at Squiala Elementary. Most recently I have been on maternity leave with my newborn daughter Piper, whom I am excited to bring physical literacy to her life as soon as possible 😊

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