Chloe Chapman

I was a champion in 2011 and 2014 and heard about the program because I was always very talkative in class and I got talking with Jo one day (and she mentioned Antigua). I didn’t know anything about the program, but I loved the passion, excitement and energy my professor Jo shared with the class; so I knew this opportunity had to be something special and applied.

One of my favourite memories was the first unity games I went to on my second trip (2014). To see the Canadian/Antiguan teachers working together, the flow of the unity games, the organisation of how far the program has come just melted my heart. It was one of those “wow look what Dr Shepard has created” moments.

Today I am a Doctor of Physiotherapy and completed my DPT overseas in Australia. I truly believe this program pushed me out of my comfort zone in 2011 and just inspired me to travel, teach, learn around the world and live life with open arms.

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