Cole Young


My first year as a champion was in 2017 and I have joined along on this journey for 3 years in total! There are so many amazing highlights and memories from my time in Antigua. I learned things there that I will never forget. Jo isn’t lying when she says you can never truly be prepared with what to expect from the trip. Every year I have gone has given me such a different experience, but I have always felt an overwhelming love for the students, the people, and the program as a whole. One of my favourite memories was probably my first day back to school of my third year. I was teaching at Potter’s Primary for my second year in a row. The feeling you get when those students see you for the first time is indescribable. So much love and so much happiness, I remember thinking that you would think after three years it would get old but it never does. When students have been waiting all year to run up to you to tell you they’ve been practicing their respect, or their communication, you truly feel overwhelmed with love and pride. The best thing about this program is that you never truly leave, and the students come home with you. I will always cherish my time with the Champions and have learned to never rule out a return.

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