Robyn Kempers

Robyn Kempers

Hi Team,

My name is Robyn Kempers and I was a 2017 champion.

During my journey at UFV I found a passion for teaching through courses with Dr. Jo as well as with my experience as a Speedskating Coach. So, naturally the decision to become a part of the Champions of Health program was an easy one. This program taught me a lot about myself and the type of teacher I wanted to be, but it also taught me that I had truly chose the correct career path. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Education in June and have already accepted a position in the Chilliwack school district.

The photo that I have chosen to share is one that I remember in great detail. These students were obsessed with my hair and they did not know their own beauty. I reminded these girls everyday how special they are and how everyone is beautiful in their own way. Being an educator is more than getting through a lesson. It is the social, emotional and connections with students that is equally as important.

My experiences in Antigua will always have a special place in my heart! ❤️🇦🇬

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