Jenelle Atkinson

Jenelle Atkinson

I was fortunate to be a Champion in 2014 as an undergraduate Kinesiology student and, again, as a STAMP Champion during my Bachelor of Education. I applied to the Champions program because of Dr. Sheppard’s passion as she spoke about the program in my first KIN class at UFV. The passion she shared came to life as I became immersed in the program. Being surrounded by a group of people who were all passionate about teaching, learning, and health, further lit the fire of those passions within myself. When I returned to Antigua as a STAMPER, I got to teach at the same primary school I taught at during my first experience. I conducted a Pen Pal project between my practicum students in Chilliwack and my students in Antigua. The joy and excitement of the students as they read and responded to their Pen Pals is a memory I will cherish forever. I am now a Grade 1 teacher in Chilliwack and my experiences as a Champion continue to shape the teacher, and person, I am today. Champions on two…♥️

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