Day 1: Julia Nord-Leth

Julia 2

I have been a champion with the Antigua program since 2017. The reason that this program is so important is because of all the love and growth that comes out of it. There is nothing in my life that I have experienced that feels more special than the first day of school when all the kids come running full speed, arms wide open screaming “THE CANADIANS ARE HEREEEE!” This program has made me laugh, cry, smile, feel frustrated but most of all grow, learn, love and aspire. One of my favourite pieces of this program is that it truly feels like you have family across the world who are always ready to take you in and help you become the best version of yourself. One of my favourite moments was in my 3rd year – I got the opportunity to teach at the school that I spent my first 2 years at, Jennings Primary. When I showed up, halfway through the month, hoping that maybe a few students would remember me… one of the Grade 6’s came up and said “Hey guys!! It’s Teacha Nord-Leth… she’s the one that we always beat at basketball – let’s have a rematch!” Although it may have not been a teaching moment, it felt pretty special to have created memories with these students that they remembered years later.

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