Welcome to the Antigua Memory Series!

Jack Sheppard

Hello Champions, Alumni, Family, Friends and Followers of the Champions Program,

Today would have been the first day of our 2020 Antigua adventure! Although we can’t be with our amazing students, colleagues, and friends this year, we still have so many memories and stories from past years we would love to share with you.

First, a picture of our 1st year champion Jack Roland Sheppard here to say that he can’t wait for all the memories he knows that he will make soon and to also say how proud he is of his amazing mom for making this program what it is today!

This is the beginning of our Antigua Memory Series! We will be introducing different past champions from the past 14 years everyday that we would have been away. Each day we will be sharing some of their beautiful stories, inspiring moments and pieces from their experience. These memories will be here on Instagram, as well as on our website that you can find in the @champsforhealth bio!

We can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories! I’m not crying… you’re crying…

Julia Nord-Leth

Teaching Assistant

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