Comradery by Ashlyen Singh


Dear Friends, Family and Followers of the Champions Program

My name is Ashlyen Singh (I am the one on the left!), I am a Teacher Candidate at UFV and I just completed my certifying practicum before hopping on a flight to Antigua with my colleague Jenais.

After so many weeks without enough sleep, it took me a while to process the fact that I had made it to Antigua because it didn’t feel real. Now we are sitting in the airport, two weeks later and I can’t believe that it’s over. When Dr.Sheppard came to speak about the Student Teachers in Antigua Mentoring Program (STAMP) for short, I thought that I knew what I was getting myself into because my younger sister, Selyen had been a Champion for Health the year prior. However, this program has far exceeded my expectations and pushed me to grow my teaching practice in many ways while also carrying out my role as a mentor.

I was lucky to be paired with two awesome mentees during my time at Mary E. Piggots Primary School. Hannah, who is driven to be the very best at everything that she does, and Megan, who poured her heart and soul into the experience with the hope that it would help her determine her career path. Both Hannah and Megan have shown tremendous strength and resilience over the past few weeks through some very challenging experiences. They were also very gracious when I made mistakes and faced challenges as a result of working in a completely different environment. I am proud to have been a part of their professional growth, but I am also very thankful to them for helping me push my own practice in order to be an effective teacher to eleven different classes rather than just the two that I was accustomed to.

One of the most remarkable things about this experience was not the incredible students, nor the wonderful Antiguan people and culture, but the comradery and support that the Champions offer to each other as well as anyone else who joins them on their journey. It has been a privilege to work alongside Dr.Sheppard and her Champions for Health in Antigua and I wish them all the best in their final week of the program.


Ashlyen Singh
UFV Teacher Candidate

p.s. Thank you to Dr. Sheppard for allowing a full Singh sister takeover!

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