Week 2…That’s a Wrap by Hannah Young

Dear Friends, Family and Followers of the Champions program!
img-20190503-wa00277640551046711502033.jpgipping ropes to let the kids play with at lunch. The students often come to us asking us to help resolve conflicts as they are still learning about sharing and sometimes need us to help them find ways to share the equipment. With 350 students in the school, it’s not surprising that it can be challenging for the students to share the 7 soccer balls and 15 skipping ropes we bring them. For them, these pieces of equipment that we find commonly in Canadian schools seem like luxury. 
The students here are so different from what I’m used to at home. They constantly want to hug and and hold our hands and most of them are not shy about it at all. It’s so fun to be greeted so warmly every morning when we arrive at school.
This week has been the first week we have had our two UFV Teacher Education Program teachers with us. I am fortunate to have Ashlyen (aka Teacher A) to help both my teaching partner Megan and I with our teaching at Mary E. Ashlyen has been invaluable to us, and we have seen our class management improve drastically over the past 3 days as she has coached us and allowed us to observe her teaching.
Tomorrow, we have our second Unity Games. I found the first one to be a challenging yet rewarding experience, and look forward to tomorrow. I am hoping some of the classroom management skills I picked up this week will be transferable to the Games. Unity Games will be at Mary E. Piggot tomorrow, and I know the students are really excited to be a part of it. I look forward to bringing them the best possible Unity Games experience we can!
Hannah Young

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