Organized Chaos Take 1 by Selyen Singh

Hello to our parents, extended family, friends, supporters and past Champions. Thank you for coming along this journey with our 2019 Team of Champions. My name is Selyen Singh (the one on the right!) and I am a second year Champion stationed at Villa Primary with my amazing first year teaching partner, Chelsea. I’m also lucky to be working with Cassidy as co-Unity Games Coordinators.

After a jam packed year with stressful courses, I cannot begin to describe how comforting it has been to be back at Villa Primary and to lead our Champs through our first action packed Unity Games day.

To see the smiling faces of students running towards Chelsea and I first thing Monday morning allowed me to feel right back at home at Villa. In that moment all the things I had discovered and learned last year from Villa Primary students and colleagues trickled back into the forefront of my thoughts. They truly showed me that in a life full of expectations and the pursuit of perfection, when on the island try to find joy and beauty in imperfect moments. I am thrilled to have three more weeks with our students to soak in all the perfect and imperfect moments while working on bettering ourselves through our application of life skills.

Today was a special day as we worked through our very first Unity Games. Cassidy and I are very proud of our team for their energy and outpouring of passion while teaching and interacting with students at Golden Grove Primary and Jennings Primary. Our team came prepared in the morning at Golden Grove with excitement to get the day going. After chugging some Gatorade and powering up with snacks and lunch, the Champs re-energized and ran new games for different age groups at Jennings.

Leading the champs through Unity Games gave me a new perspective this year of our action packed Friday’s! Being able to observe every champ bring their personality into the games Cassidy and I created made me unbelievably proud. To further push their practice, the Champs lead meaningful CCR (Check, Connect, Reflect) conversations that were insightful and had students running up to Cassidy and I to explain what life skills they learned today. I would like to give a special congratulations to our first year Champs for the resiliency and passion they exhibited throughout their first UG day! For a day that is known as “Organized Chaos” I am so pleased with how we executed today and I look forward on building and improving our activities for next week.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Dr. Sheppard for welcoming me back to be a part of this family. Seeing Dr. Sheppard continue to further this program and display her passion is incredible. I truly hope I am able to live out my passions as ambitiously as you. Thank you for pouring your soul into this program, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Thank you,
Selyen Singh

One thought on “Organized Chaos Take 1 by Selyen Singh

  1. So glad that your first Unity Games went well, Selyen. I know how much preparation you and Cassidy put into making them a success. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures. Congratulations to all the Champions for making this day of “organized chaos” one of fun and learning for both yourselves and your students. I was glad to see that you celebrated your survival by going out for pizza. Pizza makes everything a celebration. Stay well, Champions!

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