Push Through By Erin Threlfall

Dear Friends, Family and Followers of the Champions Program,

Oh hey there! My Name is Erin Threlfall I am a first year Champion with red hair who has managed not to burn in the beautiful Antiguan sun. I have the pleasure of working with the beautiful Jen at Urlings Primary.

This school is like nothing I have ever seen before. Urlings Primary is right on the beach; the windows are all open and the cool ocean air just wafts through the classrooms as you teach these small faces who are just so darn excited to see you. The educators here are kind but firm, and I have already learned so many tips and tricks about teaching and effective methods to help interact with their students. The respect they have gained from their students is amazing to watch and I am keen to be a part of it. I came into the program making it my goal to create and encourage that every student feels important and wanted. Although, I have to tell you when you walk into these schools and groups of students run to hug and greet you, you’re the one who also gets to feel important and wanted. I cannot wait to spend the month giving that love back to them as we learn our life skills.

Although my first couple of days here I had lesson plans that didn’t quite work out, today was successful and a whole lot less stressful. The lessons went smoothly and our Check, Connect, and Reflect sessions with our students were filled with student driven knowledge about responsibility and respect. The students give us answers that are creative and honest, I have been extremely impressed with the minds and personalities of our Antiguan students.

I am beyond grateful that Dr. Joanna Shepard brought me into this program and has given me the chance to be educated on this magical island. The Wi-Fi is awful, the showers are cold, but the education we are receiving is something that can’t be replaced. The life skills we teach are also the ones we are absorbing. We learn the life skills respect, responsibility, self-control, and patience just as much as we teach them. Even though we are still in our early days it is an honor to spend time with these Antiguan students and build up not only our relationships with them, but their own self-motivation to be the best people they can be.

We spent the morning in a grade 3 class with Miss Aaron, and she is nothing but wonderful. She was motivating, encouraging, and informative. The control she has over her class is impeccable. Although in our short week here, I don’t think there is a teacher at Urlings that I haven’t admired. During Miss Aaron’s class she introduced us to a poem she presents with the kids to push their practice; I thought I would share it with you, because even though she created it for the students, I needed it too. Being new to teaching can be really tiring, and there are moments where giving up seems like the easiest thing to do. Yet, you push through, you push through for the students, your push through for UFV, you push through for your fellow champions, and you push through for yourself.

What if it’s hard?”

“I’m going to push through!”

“What if it’s too tough?”

“I’m going to push through!”

What if it’s too rough?”

“I’m going to push through”

“What if your just to young?”

“That’s just not true!”

“What if you’re not good enough?”

“That’s just not true !”


“Because I can do anything I put my mind too!”


“Chin up! Believe in yourself, and head high. We push through anything we put our minds too.”

We are the Champions of 2019 and we can do anything we put our minds too.

“We can, We should, We will!’ –

Erin Urlings Primary

One thought on “Push Through By Erin Threlfall

  1. I am really enjoying all the postings and pictures of the 2019 Champions. You all seem to be settling in to your new teaching roles very well and are feeling more comfortable “thinking on your feet”. I am waiting with excitement to see the pictures of the first 2019 Unity Games. Always hectic time but so worth it. Congratulations Champions on your first week and to Dr. “Momma” Jo. I am so proud of you and of the work you are doing. Remember how much you are loved here!

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