Shining Stars, Striving for Excellence by Jordyn Doi

Dear Champions Alumni, Family, Friends, and Followers of the Champions Program,

My name is Jordyn Doi (I am the one on the right!) and I am a first year Champion. I want to start by thanking Dr. Joanna Sheppard for allowing me to be a part of this amazing experience and for showing me what true passion both looks and feels like.

The first couple of days on the island have been nothing short of amazing! I have been placed at Potters Elementary and I am extremely fortunate to have both Cole and Jas as my teaching partners. They have both been extremely supportive and have been instrumental in helping to develop my confidence, especially inside the classroom. I went into my first day of school pretty nervous about what was to come, but that all disappeared as soon as I stepped foot onto the school grounds. Right away, students ran up to Cole and Jas extremely excited that they were back and I could immediately feel the love. It was not long before a student took me by the hand and gave me a full tour of the school grounds. At the end of the day, that same student wanted to give me her pen as a token to remember her by. I have absolutely loved developing connections with the students and am excited to continue doing so.

The title of my blog post, Shining Stars Striving for Excellence, is Potters Elementary’s theme for the school year. The S within star stands for “striving for excellence”, the T stands for “take learning seriously”, the A stands for “always follow the rules”, and lastly the R stands for “respect and care for persons and property”. The Principal, Ms. Athill, really emphasized this message to the students during the first school assembly I watched and it is something that I will be trying to push to the students during my time at the school.

Today was my second day of teaching and I am already feeling much more confident. Our focus for this week has been conflict resolution and it has been amazing to put all of the lesson plans that I have put so much time into creating into action. The best part has been when students have been able to connect conflict resolution to both the games and to their lives in and outside of school. As expected, a couple things haven’t quite worked out quite as planned, but many others have. We started off by teaching a Health and Family Life Education lesson to a grade 3 class, which went extremely well. The students were fully engaged in the lesson and were excited to share their ideas. After break, Jas and I taught a grade 5 PE class, which didn’t quite go as planned due to some unforeseen circumstances, but we made the best of it. We finished off the day with a grade 3 PE class and it went amazingly well. The students brought a lot of energy to all of the activities, even having little dance parties to celebrate their successes.

I am very excited to push my practice and to hopefully grow as an individual and educator.


Jordyn Doi

2 thoughts on “Shining Stars, Striving for Excellence by Jordyn Doi

  1. Jordyn, so excited for you as a 1st. Year champion, can’t wait to hear how much you’ve grown by the end of this journey! You have wonderful peers in Cole and Jas, embrace their energy and the energy from the kids and feed off that to help continue to push and develop your practice! An exciting first day for you at Potters and what an awesome statement with their motto/mission/values. Take it all in 🙂

  2. Way to go Jordyn! Glad to see you soaking in the experience and growing as an educator! You have got two great mentors in Jas and Cole with you. Keep growing and learning!
    High fives!!

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