A Final Farewell from Antigua by Dr. Joanna Sheppard

Dear Champions, Family, Alumni Champions and Friends of the Champions Program,

As I wake up to prepare to take our Champions to the airport,  I can only thank you all for your dedication and support towards the 2018 Champions Program.

It has been many months of planning, preparing and organizing, and I want to thank each and every one of you for being with me every step of the way.

Thank you to all of you who donated your time, resources and financial contributions to the Champions Program. Without your support, this program would not be so successful.

To my colleagues and friends in Antigua, thank you once again for welcoming my students into your schools with open arms. I know the experiences they had will last a lifetime!

I would also like to thank the Faculty of Health Sciences Dean and now UFV President Dr. Joanne Mac Lean for her continued support for our program, as well as KIN Professor Brian Justin for his Fifth annual Coaches and Athletes Certificate Program and collegial support. A special thank you to Eleanor and Bryan Busse Klassen for their support throughout the month! I have never eaten so well!!!

I would also like to thank our UFV Teacher Education Department, but more specifically Dr. Awneet Sivia for dedicating her time to sustaining this impactful collaboration  And last but not least, a big  thank you to my 2018 Teaching Assistant Dan Northgraves for your steadfast, dedicated passion for this program throughout the entire year.

So family and friends, thank you for allowing me to be a part of each of your children’s/friend’s lives. I have watched them grow from students to successful young professionals that I am very proud of.  I look forward to watching many of my students walk the convocation stage this coming June as well as guiding those still at UFV towards their goals and aspirations.

Champions on two…..one…two….CHAMPIONS!!!


Joanna/Momma Jo



3 thoughts on “A Final Farewell from Antigua by Dr. Joanna Sheppard

  1. Way to go champs! Another year filled with so much growth, learning and memories!!! Thank you for sharing your stories!

  2. Congratulations Champions! It looks and sounds like the month was filled with amazing memories. Safe travels home.

  3. Joanna, A huge THANK YOU!! for providing our children with this incredible opportunity that they will cherish forever!! I know that it has touched Nick profoundly and from the blogs that we have followed on this journey it has had an impact on the rest of your students – each in their own way. Thank you again!!!

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