When it rains it pours and we play indoors! by Jaclyn McNicol

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues,

My name is Jaclyn McNicol and this is my second year in the Champions program. This program has either taught or enhanced my abilities in leadership, teamwork, patience, creativity, knowledge, collaboration and personal awareness. I am so thankful that Dr. Joanna Sheppard was the first face at the University of the Fraser Valley I met and one that has helped me grow on a personal and professional level.

This year I got to go back to Mary E. Pigotts Primary with Carlin Klettke. It was a pleasure to see her grow as a teacher and own her skills. My time spent at Mary E. Pigotts has been an amazing collaboration with students and teachers as my connections with the school continued to grow through out the month. On the third week I attended the Antigua All Girls Secondary school for 4 days of teaching Physical Education with our Stamper Libby. For the first time I was able to stand in a secondary classroom and know that is where I am suppose to be. It was an enriching experience and collaboration that I hope continues in the future.

My role as a second year was not only teaching and support but as Unity games coordinator with Cole Young. We can both agree at first we were wondering how it would work with two leaders but THANK YOU JO! It has been a team effort that I would never take for granted. On the very first Friday morning, it was pouring rain, so we played in side. It has not rained in four years on this day. Someway somehow the team pulled it together. Cole and I walked past the classrooms filled with laughter and life skills. The second and third Fridays… it rained and we played!

We call Unity games day organized chaos and it holds true for either rain or shine. Today on the last day, it was hot and sunny all day. Today we went to Adele and Victory joined us, Pigotts primary and TN Kirnon. It was a day full of laughter, new experiences, tears, and life skills. The most special part about this years Unity games and having two leaders is that we were able to go to every school that is in the program. Unity games is an important aspect of this program as all the students remember this day the most when all the Canadian teachers come to their schools to play.

As I continue to grow and learn as a teacher I will always know where I found my passion and it will hold a place in my heart. I will strive to connect, be creative, guide and continue to learn my craft to help students be the best they can be. Who knows what the future holds but thank you Jo for allowing me to join the experiential learning train, let go, and be here.

Jaclyn McNicol

Unity Games Coordinator


2 thoughts on “When it rains it pours and we play indoors! by Jaclyn McNicol

  1. So happy to hear it worked out smoothly. Last time it rained was when I was Unity games Coordinator haha I know how crazy/hectic that can be. Well done!! Safe travels home Champions!

  2. Jaclyn, the learning experience train, I love it! Glad to hear you had such a great time this year and some great teaching partners! A great reflection on your take so far. All the best with travels home.

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