Loggerhead Turtle by Jas Braich

Dear Friends, Family and Followers;

My name is Jas Braich and I am a fourth year student at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and will graduate with a Kinesiology major and Psychology minor. I have taken joy in every experience UFV has offered to me, from taking each course and being able to be a part of the Cascade Athletics Rugby program. During the Champions for Health Program in Antigua I have been lucky enough to be placed at Potter’s Primary.

The name of my blog represents an activity I came up with when making my lesson plans in regards to teamwork. Prior to making this lesson I took the time to google native animals in Antigua and the Loggerhead Turtle popped up, which is where I got the name for my activity from. After using my lesson plan I quickly learned that no one knew what the Loggerhead Turtle was… SURPISE the internet isn’t always right. Being here I have learned so much from these students and teachers that the internet couldn’t come close to enlightening me on.

I truly believe that no matter where life takes you and whatever profession one ends up in, teaching is always going to co-exist. That being said I really appreciate how this course has equipped me with knowledge of how to deal with primary schools students through experiential learning. This experience has provided me with a great introduction to what being a competent physical education specialist entails. Going through the motions from week one all the way to this last week has been an enriching experience in the sense of constantly expanding my comfort zone. I’ve always loved the saying “be a badass” and not in a rebellious type of way, but in terms of self-confidence. Going into the third week of this experience I was finally able to say I felt like a badass. My confidence within my teaching abilities continues to grow as the weeks go on.

Now it is our last week and my second last day with the students, this feeling is honestly bittersweet. My goal going into this week is to leave all my best-self with the kids. Today I pushed my own boundaries by asking one of the teachers if their grade 5 class was able to join the other grade 5 class for PE, as we haven’t had the opportunity to teach them prior to today. I was very glad that I went out of my comfort zone to collaborate with this teacher because it turned out to be a positive experience for everyone involved (the teacher, the students and us).

A story I want to share with all of you today involves a grade 3 girl named Akira. This morning she approached me with her “magic” marble, allowing me to make 3 wishes. My wish for today was to have the best day ever, followed by turning back time so I would be able to have more time with the students. My last wish was for Akira to always remember me and our experiences together, which she personally told me “I will always REMEMBER you teacher Jas”. Akira helped grant my first wish by following me around at lunch to ensure that today was going to be the best day ever. But how can I not have the best day when these are the children I am surrounded by.

I have appreciated that Dr. Joanna Sheppard has given me the chance to paint my own picture of what learning should look like. I am thankful for all the relationships that I have created throughout this experience, including those with the Champions team and my fellow colleagues/students at Potter’s Primary. I know forming these connections with the students and teachers has left its mark on me, and I hope this feeling is mutually reciprocated on their end of this life changing experience. This has honestly been the most thrilling opportunity which has allowed me to become better versed in the importance of teaching Physical Literacy through life skills to students.

A quote I want to leave with everyone is:

  • “The truth is that you learn more from the things you love than the things you hate. From the broken things than the perfect ones. From the things that move on than the things that stay. And, you will discover more from the very last goodbye than you ever will from the first hello.” – The Wanderer

Jas Braich
Potters Primary



3 thoughts on “Loggerhead Turtle by Jas Braich

  1. Jas, I taught at Potters Primary last year in it’s first year of being apart of the program. I have no doubt that you represented the program well, and contributed to the future sustainability of Champs for Health and Potters Primary collaboration.

  2. A great quote Jas! And so glad to hear you’ve had some great experiences and take home lessons for yourself too! What an awesome opportunity to be down there with such a great group! Safe travels home

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