Let Life Happen To You by Justin Dhaliwal

My name is Justin Dhaliwal. I have been a student at UFV for many years. I am graduating with my undergrad in Kinesiology next year (I am super pumped). I would like to formally thank Jo for teaching me so much during my time at UFV and more importantly for just genuinely caring for all of her students. I first heard about this program last year when Jo said she would like for me to apply, but I declined because I was too scared of change. I am a very shy and tentative person who loves order and structure in my life, so leaving everything I held so dear and close to my heart was a no go. Evidently I have started to emerge from my shell because guess what, I am in Antigua right now!!!

The reason this blog is titled “Let Life Happen To You” is because this experience is happening to me. It is slowly making me more confident as a human and a teacher by subjecting me to things that have shaken my sheltered and structured world. As cliché as it sounds I have noticed personally development as a teacher each week. My dad said it best before I left, he said something along the lines of since I am so introverted and I am used to doing things my way and at my pace this trip will change me. Whether he is right or wrong, only time will tell (He usually is right).

All my life people have told me I have a way with kids, this is true. The reason I came on this trip is to learn to be a more firm teacher because as of right now I am not firm with the little ones. This trip really shows you your flaws so you can learn from them.

During this trip I have been trying to get my teacher voice rocking. In Jo’s classes I have had the opportunity to develop to develop my teacher voice. KPE 302 also really helped me with the creating curriculum portion of this trip.

Today was our third unity games (basically like a sports day). Today was absolutely amazing for me. I ran a game solo in the morning. I really think my kids were having fun. I was able to use the plethora of skills the professors at UFV, especially Jo have helped me develop and craft. Next Friday our team comes to TNK, the school where I teach. My students have been asking me when I am going to bring all of my friends for unity games. I can’t wait to see the looks on all the students who have had a profound effect on my views of the world. Honestly I just want to walk into school and be the superstar teacher my kids deserve. When I first got here I wasn’t 100% confident in my ability to teach by myself and after three weeks I think I did well, however there is always room for improvement.

I would like to leave everyone with two quotes. One for my philosophy of why I came on this trip and the latter is my life philosophy.

“If you are offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on” – Sheryl Sandberg

“Never give up” – John Cena
Justin Dhaliwal
T.N. Kirnon Primary


8 thoughts on “Let Life Happen To You by Justin Dhaliwal

  1. Justin, I am so glad that you were able to join the Champions in Antigua this year. I think your Dad is right and this experience will change you. You will always remember the students you are teaching here and take these memories with you as you follow your teaching career. Bravo Justin!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Jenepher. This trip definitely shook me out of the doldrums. I haven’t traveled anywhere for almost a decade now. I really hope it’s plausible for me to return next year. 🙂 Also parents are usually right aren’t they!

      1. Glad to hear your enjoying the adventure and learning from it as well. I told you you would be great at teaching kids, they love you.
        See you soon.

  2. ALWAYS Justin….That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! lol……well, perhaps not always….however, I do know one thing for certain. We all want our children to find that which fulfills them in life. Something that they can believe in and throw themselves wholeheartedly into. Keep striving toward your goal, Justin. Some days will be easier than others, that goes without saying, but all of them will be truly worthwhile! I shall be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.

    1. I am not the emotional type, but you are going to make me cry. Thank you so much for the kind words you say. 🙂

  3. One of the most AWESOMEEE dudes I’ve met in recent times. Justin, you are a great person, professionally and personally. Continue to shine bro, and definitely ‘NEVER GIVE UP’

    1. My man you also rock! Keep in contact we can discuss wrestling and such. 😉 I hope I’ll be able to return again next year to see everyone I have met.

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