Describe the Champions Program in One Word so far!

Teaching Assistant Dan Northgraves asked at the Red Couch last night…if you could describe to your family, friends and followers about your program experience so far in one word what would it be? This was the list we generated!

Mind_Map (1).png

One thought on “Describe the Champions Program in One Word so far!

  1. This is my favorite Red couch question! Wish I could have been there to hear all of your explanations. Marissa and I actually talked about what word we would use to describe our experience this year. Mine was Sharing. We share a piece of ourselves with Antigua, with the students, teachers, principals, and community and in turn they share their thoughts ideas and feelings with us. I know for myself it feels as though I leave a piece of my heart there in Antigua which keeps making me want to come back. Not only that but I feel as though this year I really got to know you Champs and I just want to say thank you for sharing a part of your story and experience with me. Still continuing to follow your journey on the blog!!!

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