Just Be Here by Cole Young

Hello Friends, Family, and followers of the Champions program.

My name is Cole Young and this is my second year in the champions program. This year I have the pleasure of being the Unity Games coordinator alongside my amazing colleague Jaclyn Mcnicol. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, the Unity Games are every Friday and are very similar to Canadian sports days. The entire Champions team goes to one school in the morning and one more in the afternoon, and we run games for the entire school. It has typically been described as “organized chaos”.

Last year the Unity Games were always may favourite day of each week, so naturally I have been anxiously anticipating this day since I was named one of the coordinators. Being able to take all of the things I have learned from my previous experience and apply them into this day was quite the experience. Jaclyn and I have been feverishly prepping and planning to ensure this day was as good for this years champs as it always was for us. As usual it was a wild day, but I believe we were able to deliver.

We started the day at Golden Grove Primary school and of course for the first time in four years something unique happened at the games: It rained. Luckily we had prepared for this exact thing so we picked up our gear and ran inside as fast as we could in order to set up the games inside. Once everyone was (kind of) ready we let the games begin! Our ragtag indoor rotation was surprisingly effective as you could not walk down a hallway without being bombarded by raucous laughter. We had a quick break and as the clouds cleared we decided we should take the students back outside for a little sun to finish their day. It was a little touch and go as the students were very excited, but once again there was a chorus of laughter throughout the field.

Our second half of the day was at Jennings Primary. The clouds had cleared and the sun was out in full force. We got the students organized and out to their games and we were off to the races once again. The games began and I took my post in the middle. As I slowly wandered through the field of games I couldn’t help but have a huge grin on my face as all of our hard work as a team was in motion. I was watching students howling with laughter, and teachers cheating nervous glances at me which said I’m having a blast but am also drowning in this sea of children. Overall I was overwhelmed with a feeling of joy to think that this was the fruits of our labour. Seeing the teachers pretending to be dragons, moonwalking, and many other things with these students was just too much fun. At the end of the day we all brought our gear back to the cars and drove back home for our in-pool debrief.

This program has taught me a lot of things, many of them are things that I will always carry with me and never forget. If I were to try and choose one thing I’ve learned to do that I cherish the most though, it’s the ability to live in the moment. To stand and watch a moment happen and to see every sight, and to truly feel every feeling. This “skill” that I have learned is what has really made me a better person in the grand scheme of life. This and the memories I make on the days like this are what make this program so unique and memorable. With that, I will end this blog in the words of my former roommate and Unity Games predecessor, Blair Cummings.

“Just be here.”
Thank you everyone, and May the Fourth be with you.

Sincerely, Cole Young

6 thoughts on “Just Be Here by Cole Young

  1. Congratulations Cole and Jaclyn for what sounds like a really successful first Unity Games! Way to think on your feet “when the rains came”! Just one question: how did you include the cow into your program? She looks quite interested as she grazed on the outskirts of the field!

  2. Cole, Jaclyn and yourself have an incredibly important responsibility to carry out a cornerstone feature of this program that helps define the overall program purpose. Lead with confidence and conviction, trust your teammates, and make sure to take a second each games to celebrate what is happening around you (it’s truly special). Also remember that with 4 cones must come a good attitude… that is essential to success. As much as I am envious of not getting to be apart of the 2018 boys room, I also know the 2018 boys room is in goods hands with you leading the way. Take care my brother, and best of luck to all the champs.

  3. Cole, thank you for your reminder to live in the moment. It is a great piece of advice for all teachers (both young and not so young) as the work you and your team is doing is truly special so you should really be proud! Keep up the great work.

  4. Cole, great post and a great reminder to just live in all moments!! Glad you are having such a great time so far 🙂 All the best as it continues.

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