3 thoughts on “A Few Teaching Pictures!

  1. Way to go Champions. As Champions you do realize you are superheros. In the spirit of the Avengers I would like to show how you are wielding the infinity gauntlet in a positive way. The infinity gauntlet has six infinity gems that provides its power. Here is how I interpret their power for you all:

    1. The Reality stone – The reality stone involves wish fulfillment and makes one stronger. As a Champion as you teach movement and games in the context of life skills you are making each child stronger for their adulthood while fulfilling their wish of a fun experience.

    2. Power Stone – By helping develop their movement skills you provide the foundation by which they can build physical power and strength.

    3. Time Stone – By providing time for fun, connection, and reflection you slow down time for them by giving them the space to understand themselves and articulate their thoughts and feelings.

    4. Space Stone – The space stone is about teleporting things from one place to another. While you certainly don’t teleport anything (if you do lets meet and chat about this) you do teleport their spirit from them to you. (You will understand this on the last day).

    5. Mind stone – While the mind stone is about controlling minds, you certainly don’t control their minds but you play a part in providing a positive influence on their minds where they now can learn to make positive and healthy choices for themselves.

    6. Soul stone – Champions you provide that “pocket universe” where these little souls can have, fun, learn, and perhaps alter their pathways in life because of something you said or did with them.

    Stay heroic JoVengers! Keep wielding that infinity gauntlet because movement is infinite when you think of the many ways we can move our human machine. This Superhero crazed teacher is very proud of you.

    Sincerely, Brian Justin

  2. I can’t believe how much those amazing Pigott’s students have grown in just a couple of years! These are great action shots that show so much learning happening!

  3. Great pictures, Champions. I will admit to loving to see the pictures from Adele School in particular. And I second Brian Justin’s words seen above. Beautifully said Justin!

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