A Early Morning Hike up Mount Obama

29 04 2018

This morning the Champions were up bright and early for a morning hike up Mount Obama! We then we’re hosted by Mrs. Christian and S.R. Olivia for some much needed refreshments! What a great way to start day 2 of the program!



4 responses

29 04 2018
Bailee Cuthbert

What a way to kick off week one! Looking awesome, champs! Waving a big hello to S.R. Olivia, with love! Looking forward to watching all the coming adventures!

29 04 2018
Bonnie Erickson

Great pictures, view looks awesome. Special shout out to Sara – love you

29 04 2018

Very cool team!! The vegetation and the view looks incredible, excited to learn and hear all about it!

29 04 2018
Jenepher Sheppard

Looks like an amazing hike! Thank goodness you are from B.C. and are used to these things called mountains! I’ll bet the lunch at the end was welcome. Great first day, Champions. Glad to see you are all wearing your hats! LOL

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