4 Cones and Good Attitude by Alyssa Theodore

24 05 2017

Dear my family, friends, Alumni Champions, and supporters,

My name is Alyssa Theodore and I’m going into my final year of my Kinesiology degree and sociology minor. I am a 3rd year champion returning Golden Grove Primary School for the third consecutive year. This program is a collaboration I’m very thankful and grateful every day to be apart of. Thank you to Dr. Sheppard and all past Champions for developing and maintaining such an influential and sustainable program. Each year we experience your impact you’ve had on these students. Seeing the progression of the Champion-Teacher relationships over the last few years at Golden Grove has bloomed into strong collaborations, even with some new teachers being introduced to this program. Along with that the students have embraced us every year with open arms and are more than happy to have us Champions teach them. One boy told me “We love it when you’re here because we have fun, the rest of the year you aren’t here is boring!”. Many questions followed, asking why we can’t stay longer, can we fit in your suitcase, and how much money does it cost to fly to Canada were emphasized from all grades. The significance of our presence from the students is such an indescribable feeling, and it also makes leaving that much more difficult.

These 4 weeks of teaching have flown by with my awesome teaching partners Brianna Mackenzie and Mike Peterson. The best thing about us as a teaching team is our positivity. We always keep a positive frame of mind, even when the class is rough,  there is always something to learn and improve on. As long as the students are smiling and actively learning what the life skill is, that is the most important thing. My first year I was the complete opposite. Perfecting the lesson was more a focus that perfecting the life skill to the students. No experience with students, no comfort zone, no idea what to expect and to be thrown into teaching here was the best thing that has ever happened to me, without a doubt. This year my biggest focus was putting forward a good attitude towards each lesson, and each and every student I encountered. It’s a lot of effort but the enthusiasm and love you receive from the students are beyond worth every ounce of energy and smile. As today was our last teaching day, it will be a struggle for some of us to bring that energy. But as we have the teaching conference tomorrow, I’m sure the things we’ll learn will motivate and empower us heading into Friday as it is our last Unity Games. We will be teaching at Adele School for Special Children and Victory Center, along with one of the biggest schools in the program, T.N. Kirnon. This positive attitude will be essential to sending off the program for another successful year. When students are running around into other games beyond the “limits” of the four cones and all you can do is yell “STAY IN THE CONES!” a few hundred times in hopes of one or two students realizing what that actually means…all that matters is the recall of the life skill from the students during our Check, Connect, and Reflect discussion. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of equipment or preparation, all you need is four cones and a good attitude.

Alyssa Theodore
3rd Year Champion
Golden Grove Primary School

– Thank you and slight shout-out to Cole Young from T.N Kirnon for creating our 2017 motto “4 cones and a good attitude” following the first successful Unity Games!



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24 05 2017
Corinne Theodore

Well said Alyssa. We also know how you have made a diffence in the students and teachers lives . All to due to your big heart,positive attitude and your great smile. We are so proud of you Alyssa. Love Mom and Dad .

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