Lights, Camera, Action

17 05 2017

Last night, Dr. Sheppard and Unity Games Coordinator were invited onto a local tv station to speak about the program! Check out the footage taped by our other Champions and as well as all the comments!
Have a great day!



3 responses

17 05 2017
Jenepher Sheppard

Great TV interview Jo! Follow that camera! You have no idea how proud I am of you and the work you and your students are doing! (perhaps don’t drive with Blair). LOL

17 05 2017
Hamish Cumming

Hi Blair, mom and I caught the debut of your side career as a TV personality: poise, wit, personality, mixed with a dash of humour … you’ve got it all !!! The host will be looking over his shoulder wondering if he still has his job. You’re the eye candy on the male side of the program …. live the moment and enjoy ….
The Parents

24 05 2017
Awneet Sivia

I always knew you were a superstar, but now I have to wait in line to ask for your autograph! Wow…great for you and for the program, Jo. So proud of you and the Champions/STAMPers team!
See you soon,

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