Be in the Moment by Jaclyn McNicol

17 05 2017

Dear family, friends, Alumni Champions and supporters,

Hello! My name is Jaclyn McNicol and I am a first-year champion. I am currently in my 4th year of Kinesiology. I have known about the Champions for Health Promoting schools since I entered the University of the Fraser Valley. Dr. Joanna Sheppard was the first face of the Kinesiology faculty I was introduced to. If you know her, then you understand the affect she has when she walks into a room to teach or to say hello.  An influential person in my journey at UFV and now I am here with her program in Antigua. Wow.

This year I have the privilege of collaborating with Jenelle Macdonald at Mary E. Piggots Primary which is a new school to the program. We have been welcomed into the school with open arms, as the principle and some teachers have already been apart of the program at other schools on the island. The students at the school have also been welcoming. They are excited every time we pull up and they make sure you know with hugs and high fives.

My goals coming into this `experience was to be in the moment, let go and learn. The first week was the biggest challenge as I over thought everything. As the weeks have past I have become more confident and owning my knowledge.

Today at school was all about taking action. My students were over joyed to be playing and at times too overjoyed. It is always interesting finding innovative way to adapt to students learning and to the ever changing environments.  Out side the classroom I was taking action in trying to challenge the students of every grade to start acting on the life skills we have been teaching them, such as teamwork, respect, and conflict resolution. In other words, start sharing the skipping ropes and solve the problem. For the rest of the experience teaching I will continue to put my focus on being in the moment and appreciate every challenge and triumph.

This journey has been an amazing rollercoaster of learning and striving to become better. Through this experience it has brought out a calmer, more relaxed and go with your instinct while still being organized personality in me. Those characteristics were part of my goals coming into this experience. We were always told that you would learn so much about yourself being here teaching, and it’s completely true.  I am appreciating every moment here, learning and getting to know the students and my colleagues. I would not trade this experience for any other.

Shout out- Happy Birthday Marissa Corea, may you be wiser, tanner and going outside the cones!

Jaclyn McNicol

Mary E. Piggots



One response

17 05 2017

Thank you Jaclyn! I wish you 4 cones and a good attitude !

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