Let-tuce Be Friends by Kristi Rexhepi

13 05 2017

Dear Friends, Family, Alumni Champions and Supporters,

My name is Kristi Rexhepi and I am a second year Champion at Villa Primary School. Recent graduate of the Kinesiology program I was so excited to go back to Antigua and see all my students for the second year! We are now two weeks in and my teaching partner Shalene Sherman and I feel right at home at our school. Love seeing those eyes light up as they see us role in our cars every morning.

Today was a very busy day on the island some Champions went to help out at the Wings basketball practice for the second Saturday in a row as the other half stayed back home to buy groceries for our teacher’s BBQ. We went to this very fancy aquaponics organic farm here on the island, were we bought the best lettuce that one can find. The rest of the day was spent making the food for the BBQ and welcoming our TEP’s to the island. All of the food was made mostly by the wonderful Principle at T.N. We could of not done it without her! The BBQ went so well, lots of toke the time to relax and talk to our teachers a night filled with laughter, stories and advice. We had amazing chicken with BBQ sauce, pasta salad, green salad, and rice.

I want to also take this time to thank all who support this program and continue to see the impact that it has on young lives. Thank you to all my family members and friends that have supported me throughout this program. Mostly I want to thank mama Jo for creating and sustaining a program that has made such a huge impact on so many of our lives.

Now I am off to enjoy karaoke with my fellow teachers and Champs good night everybody!


Kristi Rexhepi

Villa Primary School



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