Through Struggle Comes Strength by Amy Davidson

12 05 2017
Dear, Family, Friends, Alumni Champions and Supporters,
My name is Amy Davidson, and I am a 3rd year kinesiology student-athlete at the University of the Fraser Valley. I am a first year champion, and I am currently teaching at Urling’s Primary School. This is a new school to the program this year, and it also has very few students, at a mere 80 in total. I am loving every minute of my time here at Urling’s, as the intimacy of the school has allowed me to build great relationships with each and every student, as well as the teachers. I  have always had a great passion to help others and this program is allowing me to create a difference in the lives of these students. Furthermore, through the opportunities of this program I have been able to express my passions of sport and physical activity as I have been an athlete my entire life. Currently I play volleyball being a libero for the UFV Cascades Women’s Volleyball team. This position requires a specific type of person who has a strong personality and is willing to lead as an example on and off the court.
I was introduced to the Champions for Promoting Health program in the Fall of 2016, when I took my first class with Dr. Sheppard. Her passion and energy was instantly contagious, but I never thought this opportunity would become a reality for me. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I like to be in control, and comfortable at all times so I could never imagine myself jumping on a plane by myself to another country with 30 new faces. However, there was something about this program, that I simply could not get it off my mind. I knew that I had to challenge myself, although very reluctant to admit it at first. For anyone who knows me can say I am a huge Ellen Degeneres fan, and I have to truly thank her for my passion and for creating a positive mindset coming into this experience… “Never follow anyone else’s path, unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path. Then by all means follow that path.” – Ellen Degeneres
Today marked our second Unity Games day. For anyone unfamiliar, the Unity Games, is the program’s take on a traditional sports day. We have small sides games, where we teach the students about a variety of essential life skills, such as respect and responsibility. For people like me, this day is extremely difficult as it is very hectic and chaotic. As teachers, we must be extremely flexible and dynamic, having to constantly think on the fly, modify and adapt our games to the abilities of the students. The best analogy for those back home wondering what it is like to be apart of a Unity Games day, would be sort of like trying to herd a group of cats, while simultaneously trying to teach them a trick.
After a stormy night, with much thought of the rain in mind, we prepared to conduct our games outside as well as inside the classroom.We were at Villa Primary in the morning, where we experienced some delays, such as an unexpected earthquake drill. However, we were lucky enough to enjoy our games outside in the sun. The students were very excited and even a little rambunctious. In the afternoon, we visited a new school to the program, Mary E. Piggots, where the general consensus of the team was that the students were very well behaved, energetic and engaged.
All in all, our second go at the Unity Games was a complete success, as the champs had a lot of fun and brought out a great magnitude energy. Most importantly, the students  are the main focus of our program, and they had an amazing time. I look forward to all the ebbs and flows that these next two weeks will bring the champs, as through these challenging times I have seen an immense amount of growth within myself.

Amy Davidson
Urlings Primary



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