It’s a Wonderful World by Elena Pinder

6 05 2017


Dear friends, family, and all of the supporters of the Champions for Health promoting schools program

First, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported this amazing program. My name is Elena Marie Pinder and this Tuesday I began my teaching journey on the island at the Adele School and Victory Center. Both these schools are for students who have developmental and/or physical disabilities. My two teaching partners and myself were immediately greeted with open arms. Last night the Victory centre had their annual talent show. Victory students, as well as some students from Adele, performed. Not only did the Champions go to support the students, but we also made an appearance on stage with a Champion remix filled with many activities from Canada’s participaction 150 playlist. Even though I have only taught the students for two days I was extremely proud of each and every one of them. All the students stepped outside their comfort zone and delivered a performance to remember.

Today was our first Unity Games day, which happens every Friday, in two different schools. Unity games were held at Golden Grove and Jennings Primary which were both packed full of six physical activities working on six different life skills for students in kindergarten to grade five. The students in grade six gave us a helping hand taking on leadership roles during the games. Looking around at both the schools, I have never seen students so excited and ready for physical education. In the morning at Golden Grove, myself and one other Champion taught grade four and five students a physical activity focusing on teamwork and making sure no members get left behind. In the afternoon at Jennings I taught kindergarten and grade ones an activity that worked on decision making and body awareness. The Unity Games were a complete success and the students showed nothing but pure joy.

Tomorrow marks week one here in Antigua and I am already getting sad at the thought of leaving. I have enjoyed learning and growing as a teacher of physical and health education and I look forward to further developing in the next three weeks. I am truly grateful for this experience. My goal for teaching in the weeks to come is to make sure my lesson plans and teaching skills will engage and fit all the needs of the students at Adele and Victory. Our day was came to end with a team taco night to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It really is a wonderful world.

Elena Marie Pinder

Adele and Victory Centre



4 responses

6 05 2017
lee berg

wow sounds like you are having a wonderful experience and fun. Keep it up

6 05 2017
Melissa Pawluk

Hi Elena!
I remember teaching with you during the March Spring Break camp at UFV. I am so glad to see that you are at Adele and Victory. I taught there last year 🙂 Cherish your time at these schools, they are so special and time goes by so quickly. I look forward to seeing pictures. Take care everyone.

6 05 2017
Jenepher Sheppard

So glad Elena that you are working with students with learning and physical disabilities. It is an extremely rewarding experience. These kids will give you everything they’ve got and you will remember them your entire life. You go Girl!
Have to say, once again, how much I enjoyed the Champions’ presentation last night for the Adele and Victory Schools. Very VERY creative indeed. I especially the fishing and bowling and the bicycle…….indeed it was ALL superb. Well done, Champions for doing your bit with creativity and enthusiasm. I am extraordinarily proud of all of you! We Canadians aren’t just a bunch of “pretty faces”! We’ve got TALENT too!

8 06 2017
John and Doreen

God bless you Elena. We know you are home now and have had a wonderful experience in Antigua. Hard work but well worth it. Keep on doing what you love and you’ll fulfil your goals.
Love J and D

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