The Champions Have Arrived!!!

29 04 2017

Dear Family, friends and followers of the Champions program.

Our Champions have arrived!! Thanks to our Antiguan friends for helping us with our luggage! We have gone grocery shopping, and our off for our first family dinner!




3 responses

29 04 2017
Sydney Hewitson

So glad to see everyone on island and getting settled in! Enjoy your first family dinner!

29 04 2017
Jenepher Sheppard

Yippee!!! THE CHAMPIONS HAVE ARRIVED. Enjoy your first evening in Antigua. Am looking forward to reading about all your adventures and seeing all your pictures!

30 04 2017
Lexi Datema

Excited to follow along from the other side this time!! Glad you’re all safe and enjoying the sun! To my Villa ladies, send my love and enjoy!!

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