Until Next Time by Marissa Lucas

21 05 2016

Dear friends, family, followers and alumni champions,

My name is Marissa Lucas and I recently finished my degree at UFV. This is my third year as a Champion, and hopefully not my last. My role this year was the TA (Teacher Assistant) for Momma Jo. I taught at Adele School for Special Children and Victory Center with Jade McGhee and Melissa Pawluk. Every year I’ve been on this beautiful island it feels more and more like home to me, and this year that feeling grew stronger due to the very solid team we brought down with us!

First, I’d like to say Congratulations to the 2016 Champions for completing a wonderful month of teaching and collaborating. I can honestly say this month went faster than any other month here because we not only became a TEAM but also a tight knit FAMILY! Also want to give a huge shout out and thanks to all our friends and families for following this journey, donating supplies, and showing your love and support through your comments on this blog.

I can’t believe the time has come, but today Jo and I said goodbye to the Champions at the airport. It was a very strange feeling walking to the “caarrs” without them all following us. We drove back to the house in a very quiet vehicle. I hope everyone arrives home safely and shares their indescribable experience with their loved ones. I don’t think the end of this program has officially hit me yet since Jo and I have one more night here. Once I enter the plane tomorrow and fly into the cloud I will most likely be an emotional wreck.

The Champions of Health Promoting Schools program is beyond life changing, it is transforming. All the champions have grown into spectacular educators throughout their experience here. For myself, this program has solidified my passion for teaching. Being apart of this program over the last three years has shaped me into the woman and teacher I have always wanted to be. The students at Adele and Victory Center really capture the most loving, caring and passionate side of me. They truly bring the biggest smile to my face everyday I teach them. Every time I leave this Island a piece of my heart is left behind. It a very hard and emotional feeling to leave Antigua and the students here, however I am very excited to start the SFU Professional Development Program in September and see where these students are in my future trips to Antigua. Jo will never get rid of me! Until next time…..


Marissa Lucas



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