Last Day of School Pictures!

20 05 2016




4 responses

20 05 2016
Melanie Pawluk

Old TV Show Song that you all probably don’t know but is fitting for you all! “Look’s like we made it!” Congrats again!

20 05 2016
Dr. Joanna Sheppard

I sure do know that song! Throw the hat up! Cheers

20 05 2016
Sydney Hewitson

Woohoo looking great everyone! looking forward to seeing the pictures from Unity Games and hearing all of your stories! Safe travels home everyone!! 🙂

24 05 2016
L mcgovern

Thank you for sharing this blog Jade.
This blog is inspirational.
You and your team are clearly Champions in this journey as you make a difference in students lives inspiring and motivating for positive Change.
I trust your travels home will be safe
Lee M

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