Champions in Action Part 3

12 05 2016

Today I visited Pigotts, Green Bay and Five Islands primary and taught alongside these Champions!



One response

12 05 2016
Jenelle Atkinson

It is so exciting to see you all in action! Each and every one of you has such a unique teacher presence and the students benefit from learning from diverse teaching styles.
Arden and Kirsten, I am so proud watching you both in these videos! I am incredibly grateful to have been able to teach with you both.
Arden, you look confident and comfortable with your CCRing. The students are engaged in what you’re saying and you are engaged in what they have to say too! You are showing them that what they have to say is important. It is evident that you enjoy teaching and are loving what you do.
Kirsten, you are so exciting to watch teach. You have fun with the kids and enjoy being with them. In return, they love being with you and learning from you. You are engaging and creative and have a natural way of motivating students to learn and participate.
Thanks for the videos Dr. Sheppard!

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