Happy Birthday Dan!

11 05 2016






9 responses

11 05 2016
Gina Ruggles

Happy birthday to you Dan. Have a great day.

11 05 2016
Mandy Rosse

Happy Birthday Day! Cute as pie!

11 05 2016
April Iguidez

Happy Bday Dan! You look fantastic 🙂 I’m all about bday “weeks” so have an amazing bday week.

11 05 2016
Brian Justin

HAPPY BDAY DAN! I am yelling it all the way from Abbotsford!

11 05 2016
Karsen Yolland

Spiffy hat Dan! Happy Birthday!

11 05 2016
Cathy Northgraves

Happy Birthday Dan. Great to see that smiling face.

11 05 2016
Dan Northgraves

Thanks to all for these wonderful birthday wishes!

11 05 2016
Jenelle Atkinson

Happy Birthday Dan! The hat suits you well. I hope you enjoyed your day with your students and with the Champions.

17 05 2016
Amber J

Happy belated Dan! Great write up yesterday, always an entertaining read!

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