Eating…Breathing…Sleeping the Champions Program

11 05 2016

Champion Macki sleep texting (which is a thing) to her boyfriend the importance of patience and working together! Now that is commitment!




5 responses

11 05 2016

This is amazing! Shows how much it is all on your minds when you’re in the middle of it all 🙂

11 05 2016

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! Now here is a true teacher, trying to gain control and deeper-level thinking within your class even in your dreams! Macki you are hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

12 05 2016
Macki Shopland

Haha I still can’t believe it happened, glad you had a good laugh!

11 05 2016
Jenelle Atkinson

This is hilarious! Macki you are living the life of a true teacher! The teaching brain never turns off. Thanks for the laugh today!

12 05 2016
Macki Shopland

Hah makes me laugh every time too! Love how you’re all still following! Hope all is well at home 🙂

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