Leading by Example by Alyssa Theodore

9 05 2016

Hello Alumni Champions, Friends, Family and Followers,

My name is Alyssa Theodore and I am a second year champion. I am teaching at Golden Grove Primary School for a second year now and was so thrilled to return back to the wonderful students there. My first year, I was very nervous and completely out of my comfort zone. This year, I am proud of my progress I made through teaching last year and returned fully confident and anxious to see my students. In the first few days and getting back into the rhythm of the school days, I had had a slight epitome. I was welcomed with so many open arms, high fives, and an indescribable amount of love on the very first day that this program reminded me about the impact on the students that the champions make year after year. The students remember the skills and activities that were taught from the previous year and forever want you to play those games with them. Those moments where students and champions are all outside together mean so much to the students, as pure happiness is just beaming from their smiling faces. Shifting focus from lesson plan success last year to feeling the influence from this program this year has pushed me to be even more involved with the activities with the students and became a pivotal moment for me.

What I love about this program is that us champions are always expanding and modifying our teaching and demeanors just as we are with our students. We are using respect, communication, collaboration, patience, teamwork, conflict resolution, and decision making within our team every moment we are on this island together. We use these life skills in and out of the classroom with our students to teach as well as on the field when we play at recess and lunch. We also use these life skills in our ‘Antiguan home’ with our roommates and even further with our involvement in the Antiguan community. Today we went to a track and field meet which in the past has been utilized as a qualifying meet for athletes for the Olympics. It was pretty special being heavily involved in running the events from start to finish. Beginning with the set up of equipment, checking in athletes, recordings of scores, cheering on the athletes, to escorting them to where they need to be, taking their accessories from one end of the track to the another, first aid following each event, communicating with officials on either side of the field and giving a helping hand whenever needed. It was such an amazing day applying these life skills in the community and demonstrating to the athletes (that were students of some of us champions) the importance of being engaged within a community and the significant impact we can all make by lending a hand, keepin it positive, and leading by example.

Happy mothers day to my lovely mother and the mothers of my fellow champions, hope you enjoy your day!


Alyssa Theodore



5 responses

9 05 2016
Corinne Theodore

Alyssa we are so proud of your accomplishment with helping and teaching the children of the future in Antigua. The memories will last a life time. Your smile your amazing people skills , your passion and drive will also help you to grow in becoming the best person you can be .I am the lucky one to have you as my daughter. I have always known you will have a bright future. Loving you more each day Alyssa. Miss you and so proud of you . Mom

9 05 2016
Mandy Rosse

Alyssa! It was a joy to be around you, miss that smile! Keep it up💌.

9 05 2016
Shannon Wheeler

Alyssa always a pleasure to read your post. Sounds like you are part of another successful teaching program. Well done and enjoy this amazing opportunity.

9 05 2016
Shea Theodore

Very proud of you sis! It’s great to hear how well you’re doing and the impact you are making on the lives of others. Can’t wait for your next blog! – Shea

10 05 2016
Faune Nicholas

Alyssa, what a great blog. You really connect the life skills that we teach and how we use those life skills in the community. You’re such a positive, bright light in the group and continue to let that guide you. These students are holistically drawn to your smile and your willingness to just learn about who they are. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like these students will remember us but in the long run you are creating a positive relationship with these students. For some of these students you are the only positive relationship that they have. Congratulations on your amazing success and keep up the work. Super proud here in Canada 😀

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