Different Countries, Similar Problems by Brandon Grant

5 05 2016


Dear Champions Alumni, Family, Friends and Followers;

Today, we had the fortunate opportunity to sit in on the Antigua and Barbuda Teacher’s General Conference.  This was kind of a historic event because it was the 90th Anniversary since the creation of the teacher’s union.  I would like to start by congratulating them on this incredible achievement.  It was during this conference that I really began to see, that amongst all the differences between the Antiguan and Canadian cultures there are also many ways that we are very similar.  In this particular instance it was the issues that our schools are both fighting for and against.



2 responses

10 05 2016
Faune Nicholas

Brandon, you have done such a wonderful job at comparing what seems like the two worlds we live in. One being Antigua and the other being Canada. You have done an amazing job at showing the very small gap that there is between the two. You have always been able to articulate your thoughts in a way that really speaks to people. You have identified the connection between Canada and Antigua that I had not realized.
Brandon, it was such a pleasure to work with you and listen to all the creative modifications you had for our lesson plans. You were able to think quickly on your feet and welcome any advice given. Even in the two weeks I saw you teaching I saw an amazing amount of growth. Always remember to look at what you did well, what things worked, and carry those positive aspects into your teaching as a whole. Don’t back down from those kindergartners! Congratulations on your success so far and I know that your success will only grow from here on out.

15 05 2016
Charlene Hinks

Great job Brandon! Well written blog. What a wonderful opportunity for you to be part of this program.

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