A Birthday, a Ball Game and a Team Building Night!

29 04 2016



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29 04 2016
Brian Justin

Hi Champions!!
Just browsing the blog to see what awesomeness you are up to!! I saw a picture of Blair looking so studious! Way to go man!! :). Just teasing! So good to see all of you hard at work. I have an expression I made up and I use on my email signature. “Movement is the physical expression of the human spirit”. I believe this so much and I hope you realize how much of the human spirit you are helping those children express when you show them a game and teach them a life skill from it. Our body and mind are one. When you provide those opportunities to move you are telling their brain to grow and develop new connections, you are telling their muscles to become stronger, you are telling their osteoblasts to make more bone and develop, and you are telling their mind to be here now. Not to mention you are telling their spirit to have some fun. Way to go Champions. You are fostering future champions in those students.

High Fives to All!

From Brian Justin

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