Two Journeys by Mandy Rosse

28 04 2016

Hello there, followers of the Champions program,

My name is Mandy Rosse. Last week I completed my Long Practicum in a grade three class at Harry Sayers Elementary back in Abbotsford. I decided to go into the profession of teaching after spending ten years as a stay at home mom. I have four unbelievably wonderful, breath-taking, astonishing children who remind me everyday that kids have so much more to teach us than we do them. My journey as a student teacher was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It was a whirlwind of learning, reflecting, and adapting that occupied nearly every thought I had for eleven weeks. The day after this whirlwind ended, I was on a plane to Antigua trying to let go of that experience in order to prepare for a new one.

This week I began this journey as one of the five Stampers in this years Champions program. I have been placed at two schools here in Antigua, Adele and Victory. Both schools are for students with special needs. I have had the privilege of having Jade McGhee, Melissa Pawluk, and Marissa Lucas as my teaching partners. Everyday after school, we meet to reflect on our day and prepare ourselves for the numerous possible challenges that may come the following day. I think the greatest lessons that I have learned so far are how to appreciate the small victories and the importance of forgiving ourselves for the times we feel we could have done better. Learning opportunities are around every corner, and sometimes they are piled insanely high!

With limited transition time between these two journeys, I am sure that moments of reflection on both this trip and long practicum, will present themselves time and time again for years to come. As for right now, I am trying to be present and engaged in every moment and every interaction that comes my way. I am only five days in and it feels almost impossible to summarize all that has transpired. The island is so welcoming that I don’t feel too far from home. That being said, when I see my family on FaceTime I feel like I couldn’t be further. I am grateful for our unbelievably talented team from UFV and am proud to represent the university and our country with these generous and caring individuals. I look forward to bringing my experiences from the Teacher Education program and the Champions program into every classroom that I teach.

Mandy Rosse




4 responses

29 04 2016
Sheryl MacMath

That sounds fantastic Mandy! This time is a real gift…for you and your students. Enjoy! Sheryl.

29 04 2016
Lesley Nicholas-Beck

Taking time to reflect can be very challenging for so many reasons and yet the value of those moments can provide so much learning. As most know we live in a fast paced society and yet it sounds like stepping in to Antigua is like stepping in to slow motions. As much as the days are busy and demanding the sense of unity with fellow champions and teachers working collaboratively to provide the children with lessons about self and growth. All of the hard work champions put in to their teaching leaves the children with some knowledge and understanding that they can build on as they continue to grow and develop. Congratulations.

30 04 2016

You are truly missed at home but we are all excited for you to have this amazing opportunity with your peers and students. Enjoy!
Skye, “I love you mom”
Kane, a shrug and a smile
Taya, Two thumbs up
Mila, “We are doing great, mom”
Love you, Nana

10 05 2016

So inspiring – way to go Mandy!

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