A Different Feeling by Taya McMillan

20 05 2015

Hello Friends, Family, Past Champions and Followers of the Champions Program!

My first thoughts writing this is that we only have one day left of teaching, and four days left on this beautiful island before we will be taking off to go back home. It’s kind of a strange feeling though, seeing as though I refer to this little hotel room here as home. I have become so accustom to our daily routines that I know there are so many things I am going to miss when I leave. I have learned so much here, and on more then one occasion I have been yanked out of my comfort zone and plopped into a completely new experience. In what seems like just a short time here I have been so blessed by so many people.

It is very true when my fellow champions say that we have to be flexible here, but most of us have defiantly found a comfortable rhythm at our schools. I know that I walk around calling Villa Primary School ‘MY’ school, and the students there, ‘My’ students, and it only took a couple of weeks for this change to occur. I have only been teaching at Villa Primary School for the past month, and it’s crazy what a month can do.

Today I joined MY students for prayers, and being Wednesday we had all school prayers. All 437 Villa students stand in the court yard and sing worship songs, and then say their prayers. I really love this part of the day, and being a student who went to a Christian primary school I know most of the songs, so I have a lot of fun singing with the students, and the students think it’s really funny that I enjoy singing with them so much.

After this my teaching partner, Jenelle, and I flow into the usual rhythm of collecting our first class for PE. This morning we had a grade 4 class, and as per usual we followed our lesson plan which was full life skills and fun games. We finished off with a great discussion, today’s topic was patience. I absolutely love talking to my students after class, and hearing about what they feel like they have learned. All of my kids have really amazing imaginations, so it makes for really great conversations.

Although today was like most Wednesday’s it felt different. It felt different because today was our last Wednesday, and our second to last teaching day. With all four of my PE classes I had to tell them at the end of each class, “Today is my last day teaching you, and tomorrow is my last day here at Villa”. The moment I looked at each of my students, and told them I was leaving, was really the first moment I realized how much I was going to miss them. In my second grade 4 class of the day I had a little boy named Javante look at me and say “I think I’m going to cry”. I couldn’t help it, I told everyone to stand up and we could have a group hug. Some of the students just wouldn’t let go of me, and some of them really did start to cry.

It is crazy what one month, and one amazing program can do, and I realized today how much of an impact I had on my students at Villa, and how much they have impacted me. I really am going to miss them a lot, and I don’t think it will truly hit me until I wake up Monday morning and I won’t be in the white van on my way to school.

Taya McMillan
Villa Primary



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20 05 2015

Good stuff. Can’t wait to hear all about it in person.

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