Little Humans and Big Humans by Christine McGuire

15 05 2015

Dear Friends, Family, Fellow Champions and Followers of the Champions Program,

My name is Christine McGuire and I must say, this experience has changed my life. Before coming on this trip I thought that I had everything planned out and was ready to go away, experience some cool stuff and then come home. That was a huge misconception. I will forever remember the first day of school as being the most nerve racking and anxiety filled morning. It was the first day that I have ever actually taught students as a teacher in a classroom and on a field. Driving to school, I was doing breathing exercises and telling my self “you can do this, you can do this, they are only kids.” When we pulled into Golden Grove Primary; my fears, anxiety, nerves and my worried face melted away. The students were jumping up and down, yelling with excitement and had the biggest smiles on their faces. Right then and there, I knew, I can do this.

From that point on, everything got better and I grew as a person and also as a teacher. My teaching partners, Alyssa Theodore and Marissa Lucus are such inspirations and I am so lucky that I have them as partners. Working with them, has helped me develop and grow as we try and make these little humans the best humans they can be. When we teach physical education or a health class, we know that after every class, we can say, “they learned something, and we taught them that.” Just knowing, that we have such an impact on these students and how much we set them up for the future, is so rewarding, there are no words to describe it. We as teachers here learn just as much if not more, from our students and that is what helped me grow. Getting to know the students on a different level and having them trust me and want to play football with me or saying, “nice catch coach!” really tugs at your heart strings.

Today was an eventful day to say the least! Today was Unity Games at Sunny Dale Primary and Pigotts Primary. For those who do not know what Unity Games are, they are a huge sports day for the entire school that the Champions organize. This was the third Unity Games that we have done on this trip, and I must say, we rocked it! Even with some minor adjustments, we made it run smoothly and the students were having the time of their lives. There was a moment, before starting at Pigotts were a boy in grade three named Kelly, who tapped me on the shoulder and said “you are pretty” with this huge smile on his face. Then he proceeded to show me that he could tie his shoes. That small moment really impacted me and gave me the energy that I seemed to be lacking. Just his face, and how happy he was that he could tie his shoes all by him self, I will never forget.

I have enjoyed my time on this island so much more then I thought I would. It has impacted me in ways I never thought existed and I am so happy that it did. This is our last week coming up and I can only hope that I can leave an impression on my students when I leave and hope that they will remember me. And even if they don’t, hope that they at least remember what we have taught them so they can be the best little human’s possible, and become even better big human’s. Hope you are all well, and I miss you.

Christine McGuire
Golden Grove Primary.



4 responses

15 05 2015

so very pleased to hear that you experience is more that you had anticipated! Make your mark, help others, and do the very best you can! love you lots. very very proud of you!

15 05 2015

❤ to hear about your experiences & the impact you are having. Way to go! Keep up the great work of making a difference !

16 05 2015
Grand-ma Ladybug

Wonderful report, Christine. So pleased to hear you are enjoying the learning/teaching experience. Keep well and “pick up your feet”!

16 05 2015
Jean Holtom

Wonderful report, Christine. So pleased you are enjoying a great teaching/learning experience. Keep well and “pick up your feet “!

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