A Big Thank You to my 2014 Champions, Friends and Family by Joanna Sheppard

24 05 2014

Dear Champions, Family and Friends of the Champions Program

As I pack up this afternoon ready to leave Antigua once again, I can only thank you all for your dedication and support to the 2014 Champions Program.
It has been many months of planning, preparing and organizing, and I want to thank each and every one of you for being with me every step of the way.

Thank you to all of you who donated your time, resources and financial contributions to the Champions Program. Without your support, this program would not be so successful.

So family and friends, thank you for allowing me to be a part of each of your children’s/friend’s lives. I have watched them grow from students to successful young professionals that I am very proud of.  I look forward to watching many of my students walk the convocation stage this coming June as well as guiding those still at UFV towards their goals and aspirations.




I would like to take this moment to thank a very special woman in my life, my mother Jenepher Sheppard. Your support during my pursuit of my passions, dreams and professional goals has been amazing. Mum, thank you for making me the woman, I am today.

To my 2014 Champions, you will always be my Champions, the program does not finish today, but continues through your hearts and dedication in everything you do. Make your mark on the world, this same passionate, driven mark you have left on my heart.

You are all and will always be a Champion.


Dr. Joanna Sheppard



3 responses

24 05 2014
Jenepher Sheppard

Jo, thank you for your kind words. They mean a very great deal to me. I am so proud of the woman you are. I am proud of the work you and all your Champions do in Antigua; you are an example of all that is wonderful about Canada and it’s peoples. I wish you all a safe trip home; there are people there that can’t wait to give you all a big hug and Jo, always remember how very much you are loved here.

26 05 2014
Lesley Nicholas-Beck

Thank you Jo for giving our children the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program. It impacts not only those who live in Antigua and the champions who get to visit for a month but also those of us here following every step of the way. Reading and hearing about everyone’s experiences helps us feel a part of something wonderful and as your mother Jenepher put is “an example of Canada and it’s people”. Thank you everyone so much and congratulations on another fantastic trip.

27 05 2014
Yvonne Spink

Thank-you for giving these students this experience. Each time I spoke to Ciara and or read one of the journal entries, I was so proud of all the students. I was totally impressed with the structure and organization of the whole trip. I truly believe from this trip that you are an amazing, hard working, dedicated teacher. Keep up the awesome work! I can’t thank you enough for giving Ciara this opportunity.

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